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Nirmal Herbal is one of its kinds in the beauty and cosmetic industry, where tradition, art, style and technique blend in its treatments and services. Every experience is meant to be nostalgic, bringing alive memories of our grandmother’s recipes from the kitchen. We also connect to modern elements of makeup and style, balancing its effects and pampering you from head to toe.

Nirmal Herbal started as Dr. Nirmala Shetty’s (Founder & Director, Nirmal Herbal) passion that has grown into a unique brand today, providing services that use “Food” as a cosmetic. It is our vision to globally create an opportunity to say goodbye to chemicals to maintain healthy and beautiful Skin & Hair. Believing in the fact that half of anything applied on our body, is absorbed by the Skin, we use Nature’s gifts such as fruits, dry fruits, herbs, vegetables, flowers, etc., that are rich in various properties that would enhance Skin and Hair the way Nature intended it to be. Our success lies in the consistency of our services and the best of products that are freshly ground on a daily basis.


At Nirmal we assure you a homely atmosphere, a place where you can let go your daily tensions, relax and rejuvenate.

At Nirmal’s, Food is our Cosmetic.

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