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Spa Services

Originality of products being our strength, treatments done at Nirmal are replenishing and rejuvenating. With a hygienic and a homely atmosphere, we use natural ingredients in its purest form and freshly ground on a daily basis.

Our treatments are a complete head to toe range exquisitely tailor made to suit your needs. Fresh Fruits, Dry fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers, etc., in creative blends are used in our Facials, Clean-ups, Massages, Care of Hands & Feet, Bath Scrubs and Hair Care. Our treatments are safe and freshening to suit children who are our little clients too. We also have special sessions for the Bride-to-be, royally pampering them, to make them feel special and get them ready for the Big “D” day !!

Please note all our Centres for ONLY FOR WOMEN.